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Welcome Back: Community Call to Action!

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

Hello Beautiful People, I hope you enjoyed your summer!

Can you believe the first day of school is next Monday? The data surrounding this question is actually kind of interesting.

When I ask parents if they're ready for back to school, they're already in the drop off line like...

But when I ask teachers if they're ready... it's more like...

Alas... here we are.

Ready to exceed goals, beat odds, and defy stereotypes! That's why administrators are welcoming their teams like... "We GOT this ya'll!"

We need our kids to feel incredible on day one. Many students and teachers are facing unimaginable circumstances.

Let's help!

Will you join Mayor Pro Tem Dixon of Jonesboro and I as we welcome scholars, teachers, and staff back to seven schools on the first day?!

Next Monday our community (THAT MEANS YOU) will welcome scholars at

  • Brown Elementary

  • Eddie White Elementary

  • Eddie White Middle

  • Jonesboro Middle

  • Lovejoy High

  • Mundy's Mill High

  • Jonesboro High

Let's send our scholars to class on day 1 feeling like...

Are you with us?

Click here to sign up or scroll down.

Ps. So much more to tell you about all I've learned this summer! Here's a lesson I learned walking around Oakland.

and here's a sneak peak from my FIRST time in Detroit last week.

See you soon!

With all of my love,


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