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Stay home.

Public Service Announcement

Many thanks to Clayton County Chairman Jeff Turner for including millennial voices from Major and I to help remind ALL generations to stay home!

Well, while you're here...

In addition to staying safe by staying home, here are a few of my other priorities

  • my sanity (physical and mental health)

  • my family

  • giving grace and showing compassion because WE ALL need more of it

  • ensuring that CCPS scholars and families continue to receive food (SO grateful for our frontline workers in the Nutrition Dept and volunteers)

  • urging my colleagues and the administration to provide a laptop for every 3rd-12th grade student, and tablets for k-2 (either through purchases or partnerships). Immediately.

  • advocating for funds at the state and federal level to make that possible (America's public schools deserve a separate bailout, ed-promises from the CARES Act are not enough.)

  • exploring solutions for our most vulnerable scholars (How are the children? Especially English-Language learners, immigrant learners, differently abled students, those with IEPs, and any student who is homeless or incarcerated?) How are THEY?! (I want to see something like this.) All hands on deck, including mine.

Also wondering...

  • After having to cancel prom, trips, and graduation... what are our plans to show our graduating seniors that their district loves and appreciates them?

  • What will be the NEW budget process for CCPS? How will we find creative ways to have budget hearings and community feedback sessions? And when/how will we implement feedback and vote?

  • What policies need to be in place to be sure any solution is codified?

  • What do the people say and how can I hear from Clayton County? Here's the most recent school board meeting...more FB lives coming soon :)

  • What is the best way to use my platform?

  • When can I hug my parents and grandparents?

  • What does God want done?

In the age of information overload, here are a few of my favorite COVID hubs:

Finally, I'd like to thank this man for his wisdom and ingenuity. If you know where I may find one of these brilliant solutions for social distancing, please advise.

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I pray you and your loved ones are well during this difficult time, and may God comfort the families and friends of those we've lost.

Yours in service,


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