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"I'm here to recruit you..."

"Your country and your continent need you."

Lindiwe Mazibuko | TEDxEuston

It's true. I have deep affection for anyone who opts-into leadership, questions power, quotes Nelson Mandela, and has a firm understanding of the word "we." Add a South African accent and I swoon.

I just got elected so I'm not ready to leave politics. But I do feel her. I know what it feels like to be doubted, recruit for a cause, win, & wonder what else you're capable of. She delivered her message in Africa, but this is for young leaders everywhere.

"Who benefits from our apathy?... Someone benefits from the absence of excellence."

Check out the video if you get a chance, although I have been doing more than watching YouTube videos. Promise.

Get involved. I am here to recruit you.


Hey village! Our first school board meeting as an elected board member is Monday, January 7th. I'm working hard to ensure we start strong on Day 1. I know, it's been a while but...

I'm learning so much and I'm doing it all for you!

As an elected member at LEE, this summer I was able to learn and network with other young elected leaders from around the country.

Charli Cooksey was on the front lines in Ferguson and now serves as Vice-President on the St.Louis Public School Board in Missouri. Michael Vargas is entering his fourth year as a school board member in his hometown San Benito, Texas; he currently serves as Board President. That's Erin in the back, she's the LEE team member who supports our development!


Around the same time, I became a member of Georgetown's 2nd cohort for their Certificate in Education Finance Program.

My professor is brilliant.

We're reviewing budgets, testing new funding formulas, calculating per-pupil expenditures, reading cases studies, and more! My classmates include a superintendent from Washington State, the CFO at Atlanta Public Schools, and 40 other ed-finance bada$$es from around the nation.

I'm learning about innovative educational leadership practices alongside awesome peers.


I've also been visiting schools and districts to hear about practical solutions on the ground.


Tired? We're just getting started.

There's (always) more.

Stay tuned to learn about how The Young Democrats of Clayton County are helping to Elect Stacey Abrams in November! In the meantime... be sure you're registered to vote and Learn Thy Ballot. Let's connect soon! Subscribe to the mail list, meet me at tonight's school board meeting, or come visit during Office Hours!

I'm here to recruit you.


Upcoming Events

Thank you for believing. Ubuntu.

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